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Imagine what the third trimester of pregnancy would be like for a baby: tightly cocooned in a warm, dark, comforting place. There are no hunger pains or thirst, no need to pass painful wind, no strange smells, no feeling the hot or cold — just a perfect environment tailor made for a baby.

I’m sure you can also imagine suddenly being born into a world with of all these things can be quite a rude shock!

A newborn isn’t born being able to fend for themselves and still has much developing to do – they can’t escape if they sense danger or fear, go and find mum or dad for security or a cuddle, nor can a baby chase mum for a feed whenever hunger or thirst calls… they completely rely on us for every single need.

A gentle adjustment into their new world in the form of a fourth trimester (which is named that way in order to be perceived as an extension of the third trimester) can make a huge difference to how baby feels and how mum and dad cope with parenthood.

We can offer you the services of a qualified midwife to help ease you into this phase of parenthood and beyond focusing on:

  • Supporting maternal attachment and assisting in the development of maternal self esteem.
  • Supporting the family unit
  • Assisting and working with you to aid the physical and emotional recovery from birth
  • Establishment of feeding in the early weeks wether breast or bottle
  • Sleep and Settling information to gently guide your baby towards a calmer more peaceful fourth trimester
  • New baby responses and how to deal with them
  • Refinement of mother crafting skills
  • Strategies to optimise sleep and rest
  • Provision of rest and recovery for mum following birth.
  • Neonatal care if you need a break, a night out or have a special event.

Neonatal Care

In today’s busy world there are many conflicting demands on new Mums. There are often times when a special event comes along and you need to be able to entrust the care of your new baby to somebody who has the knowledge to fully cater to his or her needs. I would love to be able to give you the support and confidence to attend that special function, whether it be a wedding, luncheon, appointment or just a break from the demanding role of Mum in your home or onsite at an event.

This new service offers specialised care for your newborn (up to six months) for a minimum of 3 hours from a qualified postnatal midwife.

Please call Sarah on 0424 278 840 for more information or to book qualified midwife to support you at this special time. Alternatively, you can use the “contact me” box.

Postnatal Services

My name is Pip Guest and I am married with 2 amazing sons.

I am a midwife and have had a keen interest in the neonate, which is reflected in my professional life.

A brief outline of my qualifications & experience follows:

  • Registered Nurse since 1981
  • Registered Midwife since 1984
  • Completed Advanced Nursing Studies Course (Infertility Nursing) from the College of Nursing in 1990
  • 5 years at Royal Hospital for Women Paddington in Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Sydney IVF, Macquarie St Sydney
  • Over 10 years Postnatal & Special Care Midwife at the Mater Hospital

Current registrations:

  • Full member College of Midwives
  • Full member NSW Nurses Association

Postnatal Services Childbirth

Sleep And Settling

Jean Paterson

My name is Jean Paterson and I am a registered nurse and midwife with more than 25 years experience, in general and midwifery. I have been practicing as a Child and Family Health Nurse for the last 9 years.

Currently I am employed at a Tresillian day stay unit and have been there for 4.5 years. Through my experience I have worked with many families and assisted them with their transition and adjustment to parenting. This assistance has been with breast feeding, sleep and settling and realistic expectations and goals. Apart from this I also have been facilitating Antenatal Parenting Classes in a private Sydney Hospital, for the last 10 years. I have 2 Teenage sons and I live on the lower North Shore.

I can come to your house and assist you with the sleep and settling of your newborn. If possible it is best to do this before the peak of crying period of 6-8 weeks, however any time is suitable. Over a 2 hour period, I can assist you with hands on settling of the baby; discuss normal baby behaviour, and the recognition of baby tired cues. Also I can assist you with any feeding concerns that you may be experiencing.


Professional Qualifications

  • Registered Nurse; 1984
  • Registered midwife: 1989
  • Graduate diploma in Medical-surgical Nursing (UTS); 1992
  • Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health (Tresillian) 2005
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.(IBCLC) 2010


Professional Associations

  • Current registration with AHPRA
  • NSW Nurses Association
  • NSW Child and Family Health Nurses Association

My name is Amanda McDonald. I am a registered Mothercraft nurse who has been working both in the public and private community for 25 yrs.

The early five years were spent raising my three children and working at Tresillian. I then embarked on what would be a long relationship with the maternity unit at the Mater Hospital spanning 22 years. I have combined this with one on one work in short consultations spanning 2 and 3 hours in the community.

Over the last thirty years I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in offering support with breastfeeding, settling, routines, solids, and of course, parental support to help you “guide your ship in the direction you want to head.”


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